Educators, we invite you to be a catalyst for your students’ futures at Surrey Festival of Skills on Tuesday 15th October 2024. This is not just an event; it’s a stepping stone to inspire, inform, and equip your students for the world beyond the classroom. By joining us, you’re opening doors to diverse industries, higher education pathways, and a universe of opportunities.

We’ve gathered the best of the best to represent the vibrant career world. These industry leaders and professionals are eager to share their expertise and insights with your students. Curious to know who’s joining us? Click the link below to see the industries that will be present, the higher and further education institutions that will guide your students’ academic journey, and the apprenticeship organisations that offer unique pathways to success.

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By attending, you’re introducing your students to a plethora of industries, each offering a unique journey. From creative arts to engineering, animal welfare to IT, our event showcases the spectrum of possibilities waiting for your students to explore.

In a rapidly changing world, soft skills are paramount. Our interactive group talk delves into the importance of these skills and how they pave the way for future success. Empower your students with essential life skills that transcend academics.

Your students will experience a 10-minute group talk that ignites their passions, motivates them to take initiative, and guides them toward discovering their aspirations. It’s not just about careers; it’s about shaping their dreams.

Here’s where it gets exciting. Imagine your students engaging with professionals from over 60 industries, alongside representatives from higher and further education institutions, and apprenticeship organisations. It’s a holistic experience that aligns with your vision of comprehensive student development.



To be a part of this transformative event, simply register for a 90-minute slot. During this slot, your students will receive an enlightening 10 minute group talk and have ample time to explore industries, educational bodies, and apprenticeship opportunities. Slots run every 30 minutes from 9am to 2pm on Tuesday 15th October.

Register for your slot.

Please note, slots are limited and subject to availability.

Event Location & FAQs

Still have more questions? No worries! We’re here to help. Below you’ll find additional information to assist you, or feel free to reach out to us at

The festival is an interactive event that exposes students to a wide range of industries, offers insights into higher education pathways, and provides information about apprenticeships. It’s designed to empower students with valuable skills and knowledge for their future.
You can secure a 90-minute slot for your students to attend. During this time, they’ll receive an inspiring group talk and have the chance to explore the industries, educational institutions, and apprenticeship opportunities available.
The event aims to ignite students’ passions, guide them in exploring career options, and equip them with soft skills vital for their personal and professional growth. It’s a unique chance for them to gain insights and hands-on experience.
We’re delighted to offer this experience at no cost to your school/college. Our goal is to provide equal access to all students.
The event is an excellent platform for students to engage directly with professionals from over 60 businesses. They can ask questions, learn about different career paths, and gain real-world perspectives.
The group talk is designed to motivate students, introduce them to essential soft skills, and inspire them to explore their futures. They’ll receive guidance on how to make the most of the festival and its offerings.

To discover the industries attending and the higher and further education institutions represented, simply click on the links here. This will give you a comprehensive overview of what your students can expect.

Yes, Surrey County Council understand the challenges that education institutes have in transportation to events, and will be offering a £500 bursary towards these costs, to ensure that the young people, and the education institute can benefit from an event that brings employers and training providers into one single place.  

Funding Criteria 

  • The education institute must register for the event via School Registration – Surrey Festival Of Skills and have had their place confirmed 
  • The education institute must only use the bursary for the transportation of students in Y10 to Y13 to the Festival of Skills 2023 event 
  • Payment will not be made if the education institute cancels or does not attend the event, even if the school has had to make a payment to a transport provider.  

Once you have registered your place you can apply for a £500 transport bursary. The application link can be found on the School Registration from under Transport Bursary. 


Get your students buzzing with excitement! Download our vibrant Surrey Festival of Skills posters and flyers to brighten up your notice boards. Let’s spread the word and inspire curiosity about the incredible opportunities that await them.

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