Surrey Festival of Skill Waiting List:

Welcome, Educators, Administrators and Parents/Guardians! Due to overwhelming interest, regular registration for the Surrey Festival of Skills is now closed. However, if you still wish to participate, we encourage you to join our waiting list.

To register for the Surrey Festival of Schools waiting list, please complete the form below.

Book Your Session

School / College Sessions at this event are estimated to last approximately one and a half hours (90mins). With the first slots from 09:00 on the half hour with last schools’ admission at 14:30. Please detail your ideal time and we will try to accommodate this, but on a first come first served basis.

Please note, we will require you to arrival at Surrey Sports Park 30 mins prior to your slot for parking and registration.

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**Waiting List Disclaimer:**

While we appreciate your interest in the Surrey Festival of Schools, please note that joining the waiting list does not guarantee participation. Due to limited availability and high demand, we cannot guarantee attendance for those on the waiting list. However, we will do our best to accommodate as many participants as possible based on cancellations or additional slots becoming available.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  1. Home learning students are most welcome but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  2. Schools must supply on arrival a full list of student names to the reception staff at the venue, just in case of an emergency evacuation. Lists of names will be returned on exit.
  3. Details of event, drop off / collections and general details will be sent in due course.
  4. Please keep an eye on our social media and website for updates on the vast array of exhibitors and details on how to make the most of the day.

Transport Bursary:

  1. A bursary is money that the education provider can use to pay for transportation costs only. An allowance of up to £500 per education institute will be made available on a first come first served basis up to SCC’s budgetary cap.
  2. Eligibility - You must:
    • Be a state funded secondary school. This includes state funded Alternative Provision and SEND institutes.
    • Be located within the borders of Surrey County Council.
  3. Funding Criteria -
    • The education institute must register for the event via this School Registration form and have had their place confirmed.
    • The education institute must only use the bursary for the transportation of students in Y10 to Y13 to the Festival of Skills 2024 event.
    • Payment will not be made if the education institute cancels or does not attend the event, even if the school has had to make a payment to a transport provider.
  4. How to Claim -
    • You can apply for the bursary on registration for the Festival of Skills event ➡️here.
    • Application to be submitted prior to attending the event.
    • A claim form will be sent to your education institute finance contact following the event. Evidence of transport costs, such as copy of invoice, must be submitted with the claim form.

School Commitment:

  1. Ensure Staff attending are fully informed about the purpose of the event, and how it is run.
  2. It is the school’s responsibility that the students attend the seminar session.
  3. Ensure that students are fully briefed on the event before attending.
  4. Provide information on medical conditions and disabilities.
  5. Ensure that students and parents are made aware that photography and filming will be at the event for marketing and promotional purposes. Please ensure that consent has been obtained from parents/carers.
  6. Supervise students appropriately while attending the event and take responsibility for the management of student behaviour.
  7. Encourage students to engage with the event.
  8. Ensure that parental permissions have been sought for off-site activities.
  9. Organise transport to the event and provide information for reimbursement if available according to SCC terms of reimbursement.
  10. The Surrey Festival of Skills is free for education institutes to attend but a cancellation fee will be charged at £150 should less than three weeks’ notice of cancellation be provided.