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ABOUT Surrey Festival of Skills

Welcome to the Surrey Festival of Skills, a transformative event brought to life by Surrey County Council (SCC). Our mission? To illuminate the path to future opportunities for students aged 14-18. In a world that’s evolving at warp speed, it’s essential to equip our youth with insights that shape their tomorrows.

But the magic of this event extends beyond our young minds. It’s an invitation to the educational and business community in Surrey to play an active role in shaping the landscape of learning and opportunity. By getting involved, you’re not just participating; you’re investing in the future of our youth and the vibrancy of our local economy. Together, we’re building bridges between education and industry, empowering students with first-hand experiences, and showcasing the thriving sectors that Surrey has to offer.


Surrey County Council is more than a local authority; we’re dedicated to fostering potential and igniting aspirations. Our festival isn’t just any festival – it’s a dynamic platform that showcases an array of careers from over 30 industries. We’ve woven colleges, universities, and apprenticeships into the fabric of this event, creating an immersive experience that empowers teenagers to explore their future pathways.

In a rapidly changing landscape, where technology and science are the architects of new careers, SCC believes in providing a space for Surrey’s teenagers to embark on a journey of discovery. We’re passionate about nurturing an environment where they can uncover diverse careers and gain insights that guide them toward a fulfilling future.


We’re not on this journey alone. The support of ALPS Partnership Ltd (ALPS) & Alphi, a community of training providers specialising in apprenticeships and work-based learning, has amplified our impact. With over 60 members, including Independent Training Providers, Further Education Colleges, Higher Education Institutions, Employers, Awarding Bodies, and influential organisations, we’re uniting to shape the future workforce.

And there’s more. Surrey Event Professionals are our allies in bringing our vision to life. As the official Event Organisers and Marketers, they’re orchestrating a symphony of innovation, creativity, and outreach that ensures our message resonates far and wide. Surrey Event Professionals (SEP) share the same passion for inspiring future generations.

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Together, we’re weaving a tapestry of possibilities, inviting students to explore, dream, and ignite their potential. The Surrey Festival of Skills isn’t just an event; it’s a legacy in the making, driven by a shared commitment to shaping brighter tomorrows. If you’d like to be part of this wonderful project and make a difference in the lives of young minds, click the link below to join us on this inspiring journey.